7 ways that teachers know it’s nearly Summer…

23 Jun 7 ways that teachers know it’s nearly Summer…

When that first bit of Summer Sun rears it’s shining face, the countdown to the summer holidays has well and truly begun. Waiting for the summer break can feel difficult this time of year so we thought we’d try and help you to pass the time.
Here are our 7 ways that teachers know it’s nearly SUMMERTIME!



1) Is that the sun? “MISS, can we go outside?!?!”

Classes become increasingly difficult to control as students are dazzled by gorgeous weather, beckoning them to the playground. Of course, you need to say no, but secretly you’re tempted to give in!

2) Sports Day!

Egg and spoon, three legged, mum and dad races galore! It sounds stressful but an afternoon running round in a field does wonders to burn off that extra energy… we’re still talking about the students right?

3) Summer dresses are on

It’s summer but we must remember, this is England, not the South of France. It’s probably a cool 12 degrees. But that won’t stop the summer dresses coming out in full force.

4) This is a NO-TREAT-ZONE.

The staffroom, usually burgeoning with biscuits on tea breaks becomes base camp for Operation: Summer Body. Bring in those left over Celebrations at your peril.

5) For similar reasons the local ice cream man becomes a much-loathed figure…

Once hailed, the sound of the ice cream van singing past school while you’re stuck in work is now a torment! Not only are you on a diet, but you couldn’t even get yourself one if you tried (without having to buy a round of cones for 30 screaming kids!)

6) Playground duty? ME, ME, ME!

Once a teeth-chattering chore, now every break time becomes another opportunity to top up that tan.

7) Glazed over coworkers

You might find that your once chatty coworkers are concerned with one sole focus: making it to Summer. This focus might mean that much of their waking hours are now taken up with time consuming activities such as day-dreaming, gazing out of windows and humming ‘we’re all going on a summer holiday’.


If you’ve noticed any of the above signs, then that probably means that the Summer is just around the corner…


Can you think of any other School Summer warning signs? If so, we want to hear them! Send your comments to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!


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