Could this be you? Karen shares her success story….

18 Jul Could this be you? Karen shares her success story….

Karen you are a star!

Karen joined TES in 2013 ready to take a new step in her career as a level 3 Teaching Assistant. Karen has gone on to be one of our most respected teaching assistants, spending nearly two academic years at Freehold Primary School, Oldham. Karen has secured a permanent contract at Freehold Primary School for September proving that hard work and commitment really does payoff. We caught up with Karen to congratulate her and ask her to about her experience working for TES.

TES: Firstly Karen a massive congratulations on your permanent job, we are so pleased for you.

Karen: Thank you and thank you for everything! I’m so happy to be staying at a school I love.

TES: It just shows all of your hard work and commitment to the school and to the role has paid off.


Karen: I know! I can’t believe how it has all happened. I can’t thank TES enough for introducing me to new schools and supporting me through my work at Freehold.

TES: So after your experience working for TES could you describe us in 3 words?

Karen: Amazing, Flexible, Outstanding!

TES: What positives have you gained from your experience working with TES?

Karen: I’ve gained a lot of confidence from being in different schools and I’ve learnt how to adapt to each school’s needs. Getting a long term position has helped me feel like I am part of the team and I’ve been able to get involved with all school life. I feel the role I have done has been really rewarding, giving me the chance to personally help children with speech and language difficulty. I have treasured the progress and achievement of those children.

TES: What would you say to anyone considering working on a supply basis for TES?

Karen: I always will and have recommended people to TES as you are the best agency around. TES are like guardian angels; they are always happy to help and are a blessing to be a part of!

TES: if you could give us a star rating out of five, what would it be?

Karen: 5 stars! You have really high standards and I think you have all been wonderful!

TES: Thank you for everything Karen, we wish you lots of success for September. Don’t forget to stay in touch.

Karen: I will, thank you.

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