Make sure you have the best start to this academic year with the TES ‘back to school’ check list

09 Aug Make sure you have the best start to this academic year with the TES ‘back to school’ check list

September is almost here, are you ready?

We have put together a ‘back to school list’ for our supply team to help you get ready for the new term!

New CV and personal statement

Before the start of term you need to make sure you have an up to date CV which includes all of your school experience. It can be easy to overlook the importance of a strong CV but it most cases it will be the reason a head teacher chooses another person over you. A professional, factual CV which details your experiences and tells schools what you can offer them gives you the best chance of securing your perfect role. For tips on writing your CV


One of the biggest complaints from our schools is that teachers aren’t prepared when they attend on supply. Every school has different expectations, some will have work for the classes set, other schools may not have work ready or available. We recommend that you never leave the house without resources as you never know what you may encounter during your day in a school! The most successful teachers on supply have taken the time out to put together a resource pen drive or paper file which contains worksheets, lesson plans and filler activities appropriate for your subject specialism/key stage. It gives you confidence that you are ready for the day and means that you are going to have the best day possible.  We also recommend you refresh your knowledge of behaviour strategies and stay informed on changes in the national curriculum.

Identification and DBS

Safeguarding, safeguarding, safeguarding. One of the words we use most in a working day. All supply staff working for TES are required to take their DBS and TES ID card with them to each school they attend. Many of our schools will not allow you into the building without having presented them at reception. It is a minimum requirement and there can be no excuses for not having brought them with you. If you don’t have an up to date ID card or need a new one contact us straight away and we will have a new one sent to you for the start of term. Don’t get caught out by not having them with you. Take time now to put them some where safe so you have everything to hand ready to leave the house.


Have you let us know about your availability for the start of the term? Make sure you check in with us and let us know! If  we know you are free  we can have you busy. As the school term gets underway we ask you always check in each Friday and let us know your availability for the following week. You can text, call or email. We also enjoy your feedback about your day in school so get in touch!

Planning your route

Take a moment to look at routes to school you want to working in. Being aware of areas can help you locate difficult to find school entrances and help you avoid being late. We recommend a SATNAV or good map if you are driving to schools or researching public transport. Our supply team have found a useful tool to plan journeys on public transport.

Stay organised

Each time we ask you to attend a school for TES you will receive a text message containing all key information for the school. You will also receive a booking email which gives you formal confirmation of the dates you are booked, the school you are attending and your pay rate. This booking email is very important. If you do not receive a booking email you must contact us straight away.  We recommend  setting up a folder where you save each booking email. This way you can always be sure you can cross reference your bookings with your payslip. We also recommend keeping a diary of the schools you attend. This will help you stay organised and will  help you when you update your CV.

Connect with us

Connecting with TES on social media is a good way of staying up to date with new job opportunities and being part of the TES team. You can find us on Facebook ‘The Education Specialists’ Twitter @tes_supply  Linkedin ‘The Education Specialists’ or Instagram ‘theeducationspecialists’

We are looking forward to the start of term and with the support of our fantastic supply team it is looking to be our most successful yet.

If you have any tips or good practice you would like to share  please get in touch by emailing

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