Stand out with an outstanding CV at TES!

18 Jun Stand out with an outstanding CV at TES!


Firstly, and importantly, in securing teaching work you must write a stand out CV – without one, how will potential employers have any idea what you could bring to their school? Here at TES we believe that it’s the people who matter. And it’s true. But, while personality is everything – it’s pretty hard to get to the interview stage where you can really wow a potential employer without having an amazing CV!


When you register with The Education Specialists not only will you be able to attend ‘CV clinics’ at our training facilities but our consultants can also offer you their specialist advice on how best to adapt your CV to interview at different schools.


So without further ado, here are our TES Top Tips to making your CV stand out.


1 Tailor it!­

We’ve been in the business for a long time so really have seen it all. According to our client feedback, the main bug bear of so many of our schools is that candidates don’t tailor their CVs to each role they apply for. If your CV is tired and old employers can tell, or they just won’t notice you from a pile of applicants. In order to ensure candidate success regular editing and job specificity on your CV is a must and it’s easy once you get into the hang of it. To really make your CV SAY SOMETHING you should be tweaking and perfecting it before you send it off to each employer.


2 Keep it current

This gets harder the further away you get from your university days, something which stands in your favour as an NQT! While the unpaid after-school club you helped out at in 2010 might be the last voluntary work you did, it’s hardly relevant to a job you are going for this year. Amend your CV regularly as you build experience as your career progresses. Keep it short, keep it sweet and most importantly, keep it current!


3 Keep it REAL

You’re going to charm them at interview, but not if you scare them off before you even get there. Employers can tell when a candidate’s CV isn’t genuine, and being genuine is incredibly important when you work in education. Lying on your CV might seem easy at the time but in the long run it could get you into some tricky situations *see The Apprentice*. Here at TES we think that a shorter CV full of genuine and relevant work experience is favourable to potential employers over a CV full of bogus work placements and tweaks of the truth! Keep it genuine to ensure applicant success.


4 Proof read it

There’s nothing more off putting to an employer than a CV with poor spelling and grammar, ESPECIALLY when it’s coming from somebody who’s applying to be a teacher – regardless of your subject area. Before you send off your CV make sure you proof read it to save any embarrassing spelling mistakes. You can do this yourself or ask a friend to glance over it to spot any glaring mistakes. Here at TES we offer our CV clinic service to all candidates as an extra typo safety net.


These are just a few of our top tips here at The Education Specialists but if you’re after some more in depth advice on how to tailor your CV when you’re applying for jobs then don’t hesitate to call the TES Liverpool office on 0151 480 8818, TES Manchester on 0161 838 5767 or TES Cheshire on 0844 800 8814 for expert advice from our dedicated Education Consultants.

If you’ve got any top tips for teachers writing CVs then we want to hear them! Send us your comments on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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