TES-timonial from English Teacher Sherilyn

13 Jun TES-timonial from English Teacher Sherilyn

Sherilyn has been part of the TES supply team since around 2008 when she became an English teacher and in her own words, there were ‘hardly any jobs’ available in her area. She has been registered with TES on and off over the years as she’s gained and left permanent positions at a variety of schools. After finding a long term role at a school in Greater Manchester last year Sherilyn was swiftly taken on as a permanent member of staff. Sadly for us this means we have to say goodbye to her – we caught up with Sherilyn to ask her about the TES service and why she’s come back to us again and again…


Can you describe TES in three words?sherilyn

Fast, efficient, supportive. Especially Claire (the manager of our Manchester branch), she has been like a therapist for me over the years!


What would you say the main draw is for becoming a TES teacher?

With TES I was never out of work…


Is that something that differentiates us from other agencies?

Well, yes! with other recruitment agencies I’ve felt ignored – they never rang me and I felt like I was having to do all the leg work. TES go that extra little bit, they’re courteous and personal – I’ve never trusted anyone else!


What’s made you come back again and again?

I’d use the word ‘failsafe’ especially with regards to Claire – she’s a gem! The whole team are caring, efficient and great at problem solving. I’ve never worried about getting work with TES, which is not the case for a lot of teachers on supply.


So, what positives can you draw from working with us here at TES?

The TES team are supportive. They’re like a safety net which is massively important when you’re a growing NQT. When I graduated, nobody wanted young teachers – TES took me under their wing and got me work in schools that wouldn’t have looked twice at my CV otherwise. Personally, working on supply with TES has allowed me to better my skills in behaviour management. I’ve worked in a lot of different classroom environments and learnt to adapt to each of these which has widened my experience. I would, and have been, a supply teacher by trade. With a supply agency like TES supporting you, you can make as much of a living as a permanent teacher with much less stress!


Star rating out of five?

5 stars, no questions. I’ve had no issues whatsoever during my time with TES. I live my working week by them! Thank you TES!

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