TES-timonial from English Teacher Grishma

15 Mar TES-timonial from English Teacher Grishma

Why should you join the TES supply team? Why listen to us when you can hear it directly from one of our dedicated teachers…

Having been with us since 2010, Grishma joined the TES supply team a few years after graduating as a teacher in 2008. Her specialism is English but she is currently engaged in a long term primary role at one of our schools in a Stockport. We asked Grishma if she’d mind chatting to us about the TES service – luckily she only had lovely things to say…


TES: Can you describe the TES service in 3 words?

Grishma: Fantastic, friendly and great at finding you work.


TES: Almost some alliteration there Grishma, glad to see the English specialism coming in handy! So you’re in a full time role with us in Stockport, what positives can you draw from your experience with TES?

Grishma: I think the main thing for me with TES is that they always cater my work to me very closely – I’ve always been given work at schools that I’d enjoy, they know what I can and prefer to do and always do their best to find me suitable work. They also call back within a few minutes whenever I’ve got a query too – which is quite different from other agencies.


TES: Well, that leads perfectly onto the next question, could you expand on that point? What is it that differentiates TES from other agencies?

Grishma: Out of the agencies I’ve been with, TES were always there for me, always caring about me. I’d say that their friendly staff and friendly environment at TES really sets TES apart, the team are always so personal and supportive. I also get a lot more work with TES consistently than I did with other agencies.


TES: if you could give us a star rating out of five, what would it be?

Grishma: 5 out of 5. I’m the teacher I am today because of TES and the experience I’ve gained in the work they have gotten for me.

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