TES-timonial from Higher Level Teaching Assistant Viv

17 Dec TES-timonial from Higher Level Teaching Assistant Viv

Viv has been a Higher Level Teaching Assistant with us since 2011 and she’s currently on a long term contract at a High School in Rochdale. We’ve had an on and off relationship over the years as Viv gained permanent roles here and there but she’s always come back to us. We caught up with Viv so she could TEStify on our behalf…viv

TES: Can you summarise the TES service in 3 words?

Viv: “Reputable, reliable, friendly.”

TES: You still work for TES after all these years, what positives can you draw from your experience with us?

Viv: “They’re an effective team who really listen to what you need. They’re precise and careful to match your qualifications and personality to the role and the school to get the right fit. They always provide feedback whenever I’ve needed it and I’ve always felt really secure in the service at TES.”

TES: You’ve been with other recruitment agencies before, what would you say differentiates TES from our competitors?

Viv: “I’ve been with some other agencies and they’ve been pretty good, I’ve had some work, but there’s something about TES. You get back to people quickly, TES want to get you into work where other agencies make you work for it. TES really lend a helping hand in the stressful situation of job hunting and I’ve always felt that you do your utmost to keep us happy. From what I can tell it’s balanced really well from a school and staff perspective too.”

TES: Would you be able to give us a rating out of 5?

Viv: “5 stars, no question.”

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