Thinking of working on supply? ‘Definitely go for it!’

14 Jul Thinking of working on supply? ‘Definitely go for it!’

Its the people who matter

Lisa is an experienced MFL teacher who joined the TES supply team in November 2015 after relocating to the Manchester area. TES secured a long term role for Lisa teaching French and Spanish in one of our North Manchester High Schools. Once this position was finished Lisa has gone on to work in our client schools on a shorter term basis. We spoke to Lisa about her experience joining TES and working for us.

TES: Can you describe the TES in 3 words?

Friendly, Helpful & Efficient

TES: What positives have you gained from your experience working with TES?

Positives I have gained from working for TES are that I have been able to experience several different types of schools. I have worked in local schools, building a good reputation for myself and have been placed in a long term role. TES have already secured me a position from September 2016 till October half term which is what I wanted.

TES: What would you say to anyone considering working on a supply basis for TES?

Definitely go for it because there is lots of work and valuable experience which can lead to long term roles.

TES: If you could give us a star rating out of five, what would it be?

Four out of five, If TES get me a permanent job then it will be 5!

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