Geography Awareness Week

Geography awareness week was created in 1987 and is an annual celebration of geography and the important role it plays in all out lives. After a turbulent year from searing bush fires in Australia and the Pacific Northwest of America to the summer floods that affected 10 East African countries, it is hard not deny that geography impacts us all, therefore crucial to learn.

National Geographic works with teachers and other content experts to develop activities for the classroom, home or community. The activities include games, lessons and experimental projects. Guides and educational material for these activities are available for free here.

Here are some suggested ideas to use in the classroom:

  • Spend a lesson drawing endangered animals, whilst learning more about each species.
  • Do a geographically themed Pictionary round
  • Create some art made entirely of recycled objects.
  • Make a country flag and learn about it’s history; you could even get pupils to design their own flag that represents them— could include heritage, favourite activities, sports, animals, or family.
  • Treat your class to an episode of the many David Attenborough series.

There are many more recommendations to be discovered, so check out national geographics guidelines for more information.

Please share with us what you do to celebrate geography awareness week as we would love to hear!