About Tutoring

We have a well-established tutoring network across England to support schools with the challenge of reducing the attainment gap, which has widened further due the effects of lost learning caused by Covid-19. Our specialised tutoring team coordinate recruitment and supply of tutors to schools across the country.

Approved by the National Tutoring Programme, our tutor initiative is a partnership between Operam Education Tutoring and the Fischer Family Trust (FFT). This brings together 2 highly successful and reputable experts in their fields of education recruitment and literacy tutoring, as well as outcome data reporting, respectively.
The FFT’s ‘Tutoring with the Lightning Squad’ has been approved by the government, to provide reading tutoring for primary school pupils in Year 1 to Year 5 in all regions of England. As experts in this field, it is  our specialist area due to our high success rates which are underpinned by our evidenced based outcomes that guarantee results.

We help schools manage and deliver a highly effective tutoring package which is guaranteed to reduce the attainment gap, with the UK’s only evidence based  literacy programme.

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Benefit from a complete tutoring programme, guaranteed to help your pupils catch up on lost learning. 

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