Our values paint a picture about how we do business and are based on our core beliefs and principles. It is not a list of statements but a live dynamic set of behaviours that our employees exercise each day they come into work. Our values shape our company culture and are a visual set of standards to inform our business partners, candidates and potential employees what to expect when they work with us.

Fostering innovation and maximising potential:

To make an omelette you must smash eggs.

We encourage new ideas and have positive attitudes to change.

We believe in breaking through barriers for great things to happen.

We help people see beyond what they thought was possible.

Applying our knowledge through our experience:

Knowledge tells you that a tomato is a fruit, experience tells you not to put it in a fruit salad.

We get to know everyone we do business with, in order to understand their individual needs so we can deliver a bespoke service to them.

We work in partnership with individuals, schools and businesses fostering a collaborative decision-making process underpinned by transparency.

We are committed to supporting the community that we serve and engage in long-term relationships with individuals and schools which keeps our local knowledge “live” and up to date.


Don’t get up from the feast of life without paying for your share of it.

We know others count on us, so we do the best that we can, wherever and whenever.

We keep people informed in an honest, transparent and respectful manner. We are focused, disciplined, and use our initiative to consistently deliver on our promises.

We want to add quality to everyone’s experience of education not only through our work but through pledging value commodities, including our time and resource.