Allegations & Misconduct Policy

The Education Specialists follows strict standards in order to ensure that all candidates that we supply to our clients are of the highest professional and personal calibre. To adhere to these standards, we undertake a continuous process of quality control involving both clients and candidates, including a stringent vetting process. Candidates that have been found to exhibit unacceptable conduct or practice will not be placed on our register and will not be placed with any of our clients.

However, despite our rigorous quality procedures, sensitive situations and issues can arise. It is therefore crucial for us to have a procedure that makes it possible for both clients and candidates to give us feedback, which in turn makes it possible for us to improve our service. Consultants will speak openly and honestly to both clients and candidates when giving feedback.

Complaints and Allegations
The details of any allegation or complaint against a candidate or a client is processed in an electronic file system (gathered information is attached to the client and candidate). In this file, the staff can record and review any actions taken or any investigation carried out as a result of an allegation.

When we receive a complaint or a report of an incident/concern, we explain our procedures for handling incidents and ask the candidate or client in question if they would like for us to commence a process accordingly. In deciding how far to pursue the investigation, we are usually guided by the complainant’s attitude towards the incident.

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