New Year Resolutions

How to write and stick to New Year Resolutions

Did you know that about half of New Year resolutions that we make fail? We may start the year with good intentions only for them to fall off our agenda. Most of us, including teachers and supply teachers have busy lifestyles that may get in the way of keeping to your resolutions like exercising, socialising, and making a change for the better.  So we have put together a list of tips to help busy teachers, TAs and supply staff on resolutions.

Top 10 tips on on writing your resolutions

  1. Start with a reflection on what 2022 was like for you and identify areas you wish to change.
  2. Make sure you think about different areas of your life, a mixture of fun things as well as self-improvement e.g. health, holidays. Don’t make them all about work.
  3. Make sure you write them in future tense but state the outcome you desire.
  4. From 1-100% rate their importance to you so you will gauge a priority order.
  5. Include a timeframe to achieve them.
  6. Make sure you write down why you want to make these changes and remind yourself of the benefit you will gain by it. It will help motivation when you re-read them.
  7. Under each resolution, rate your confidence for 0-100% to achieve them, then think about what you could do increase your confidence.
  8. Once you have New Year resolution list and have done the above, think about little steps. Ask yourself what the tiniest thing is you can do today to work toward them.
  9. Make a commitment to re-read your list at regular intervals to keep your focus.
  10. Give yourself a reward once you have achieved them.

We want to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2023!