Re-opening is a priority

At a national briefing on the 31st July, when some local lockdown measures where announced in East Lancashire, West Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, provided reassurance that schools would re-open as planned, stating

“I do believe that getting our children back into school on 1 September, and 11 August if they’re going back in Scotland, should be a national priority.

That should be something we aim to deliver. It’s the right thing for children that they can be educated in a safe and a Covid-secure way and we should be getting them back into school. But what we will continue to do, obviously, is institute local lockdowns to stop the virus getting out of control.”

Professor Chis Whitty, Chief medical officer for England, also stated at the briefing:

“The idea that we can open up everything and keep the virus under control is clearly wrong and what we are seeing is that we are at the outer edge of what we can do and therefore choices will need to be made, but people are very clear, for example, that schools are an absolute priority for the welfare of children.”