Recruiting Tutors Now!

We have been appointed by the government to be involved in the National Tutoring Programme. We are recruiting tutors now, to deliver an evidenced based programme; all training is provided. Flexible, long-term contracts working alongside industry experts, including Success for All and the Fischer Family Trust.

The roles will be based across various primary schools targeting Years 1 to 4, delivering daily half hour literacy sessions with 2 pairs of pupils at a time, with several sessions taking place across year groups.

This is an excellent opportunity to join a leading Tutoring team and build your own tutoring skills. Two days free training as paid work is provided, with weekly check-in sessions for support as tutoring progresses, as well as access to a technical helpline (available 5 days per week).

We envisage Tutoring programmes to play a vital role in Primary School education for the next 2 years, therefore opportunities can be viewed as long-term, yet flexible.

To find out more go to our Tutoring page here or register now