School Art Syllabus

Who should read the School Art Syllabus report?

Here we explore the latest report on  School Art Syllabus. Are you an art teacher, primary teacher, SEN teacher or supply teacher with responsibility for art education? Did you know that Ofsted recently published a research review of school art syllabus? Firstly, positioning art as an important subject in every school, the report was released on the 22 February 2023. Importantly, you need to be aware that the report included craft and design under the subject of art. It applies to all pupils including SEND individuals whether they are in mainstream or SEN schools.

What is the report about?

Firstly, report looks at what schools can do to deliver high-quality art education to help pupils appreciate, interpret as well as create art. Secondly, it sets out a broad syllabus quality that draws on the education inspection framework. Thirdly, as well as art education research, it included art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and art practice.

To summarise the report identified the following features that schools should consider in developing art education (taken directly from the DfE report:

  • The art curriculum should work towards clearly defined end goals, reflecting the complexity, diversity, and plurality of the subject.
  • Clear decisions should be made about what to include in the curriculum, with subject-specific reasons.
  • The art curriculum should allow pupils to learn the fundamentals of art and express them in interesting ways.
  • The curriculum should build practical, theoretical and disciplinary subject-specific knowledge.
  • The art curriculum should show the diversity of art, craft and design, including work that is produced around the world by different artists, craft-makers, and designers from diverse communities. Also it should include  traditional and contemporary forms with sufficient training, support and time for teachers to teach the curriculum well.You can read the art and design research review in full by clicking here.