Charity Snowdon Climb

Snowdon climb raised money for charity

We would like to congratulate and thank members of our Provide Education Team for their latest effort of ‘giving back’ to the community. Several team members did a charity Snowdon climb in mid-April when the weather was expected to be cold.  All team members, with great effort, managed to complete the expedition. We are pleased to announce that so far this has raised a total of £315. However, there is still time to donate, just click here.

Snowdon, the highest peak in Wales at 3,560 ft tall, is a gruelling climb. Although there are several paths, the Provide team walked a round trip of approximately 14k. Weather conditions can make the trip treacherous, however, the sun shone for the recruitment team.

Provide Education,part of Operam Education Group, was built on a set of a values and ‘giving back’ company ethos. The value of ‘accountability’ includes: ‘adding quality to everyone’s experience of education not only through our work but through pledging value commodities, including our time and resource.’

And there is no better example that demonstrates Operam Education Group’s pledge culture whilst working towards the company’s mission of creating capacity in the classroom.

About the charity

Funds raised are going to Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust. Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust is a West Yorkshire-based charity specialising in the emotional wellbeing of children, young people, and their families. As specialists with years of experience, they take a holistic approach to emotional wellbeing and mental health, that involves parents, carers, schools, and colleges.

Partnership to provide teacher CPD mental health course

Operam Education Group partnered with Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust earlier in 2024 to provide their supply staff with quality courses concerning mental health. This bespoke CPD training, delivered by experts, involves live training via TEAMs, so has opportunity for interaction, discussion, and questions. This is now open to all candidates registered with any of Operam Education Group’s recruitment agencies. Courses are subsidised so be sure to use your OPERAM20 discount code.

If you would like to donate to the sponsored Snowdon climb, click here.

To learn more about Operam’s CPD courses for education supply staff on mental health, visit our new CPD website section coming soon.

If you want to know more about Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust, please click here.