Cultural Education Plan Summary

Here we give you an update on the Cultural Education Plan. The intention to have a Cultural Education Plan was first released as part of the white paper:

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10-point Cultural Education Plan summary for teachers

  1. The white paper was released in May 2022 but has re-entered the news due to the appointment of an overseeing panel.
  2. A Cultural Education Plan has been called for since 2014 so has drew much attention.
  3. The panel consists of 22 individuals that includes: teachers, education leaders, and representatives from the performing arts, museums, heritage and youth sectors and creative industries.
  4. The white paper highlighted the importance of cultural education in schools.
  5. It promotes the values of creative education and the need to support career progression pathways.
  6. It seeks to identify and address skills gaps.
  7. It will also focus on overcoming inequalities so all young people can access cultural and creative education, regardless of where they live or according to their background.
  8. It will be chaired by Baroness Bull, who has extensive experience in the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera House. She has experience as a performer, a creative leader and in governance roles.
  9. The plan will include engagement with young people, teachers, school leaders and professionals.
  10. The government has planned 50 listening exercises, in conjunction with several organisations. They include: Confederation of School Trusts, Royal Shakespeare Company, National Youth Agency, Creative UK, the Royal Society of Arts, and the Arts Council England’s Youth Advisory Board and others.

Schools Minister, Nick Gibb was quoted saying:

“It is important that schools provide an extensive knowledge-rich curriculum that includes the arts, music and heritage.

The cultural education plan will help pupils instil a love and interest in culture throughout their education, along with guidance for those who wish to pursue creative and cultural industry careers.

The panel brings extensive knowledge and experience in these industries, and I look forward to seeing it play a pivotal role in the development of this plan.”