Why I became a Teaching Assistant

I decided to become a Teaching Assistant because I felt I had a lot to offer in that I have a good academic background which has been mainly self-driven but most importantly I can relate to the timid child in the classroom – perhaps who panics and just needs that little bit of extra support to nurture self-confidence.

Confidence builds self-esteem and creates ‘happiness’ not only for the individual concerned but for other people because happiness is infectious.  So, what could be more rewarding than to have a job that positively influences young people who perhaps may be struggling into developing their individuality and it is essential to ‘train the mind’ into what it can do rather than what it cannot do – indeed, this applies to everyone but more so children because they are starting off in life.

My route into the profession was to study around my full-time job, and yes, it is possible, if you are determined and have ‘a yes can attitude’ then you can study by ‘Distance Learning’ – self-discipline is the key factor but once you learn to allocate study time and stick to it – then you are half way there.

I studied Level 2 Certificate in Support Teaching and Learning in Schools.

I have now been working in a primary school based in the Wirral for over 18 months.  The role has brought me so much job-satisfaction and far better than my previous employment – insurance clerk – that I am now contemplating training to be a fully qualified Teacher, who knows what the future may bring but one thing is for certain knowing what you want is the first step to achieving it!

Elizabeth, Teaching Assistant, Primary School